Making Fitness a Priority

               Boris Gelfand Certified Personal Trainer          

Everyone has different fitness and health goals. Some people want to loose unwanter poungs of fat, others want to gain quality muscle size, others are training for competition or for a sporting event, some are rehabilitating after an injury or other reasons, new mothers want to loose weight they gained while pregnant, and others are getting ready for vacation wedding or another event.  No matter what the goal or what the reason I will helpyou achieve it.....    These are just some services I provide>

Fitness and Weight Reduction Plans

We all lead busy lives. Let me help you create a health and fitness plan that accommodates your busy schedule and various commitments.  Changing your body composition and achieving a healthier, more energetic you is easier than you may think. Can help you fit exercise and a healthier diet and outlook into your schedule.

Strength and Endurance Plans

Is your fitness and/or strength training program feeling a bit stale? Let us help you devise a fresh routine that will challenge your body in new ways, stimulate your metabolism, improve cardiovascular fitness, and promote hypertrophy and an overall change in body composition.  Optimizing your fitness, strength, and athletic performance is a science; let me help you develop a strength and fitness routine that will assist you to safely and progressively achieve new heights.

Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation

Have you recently had a rotator cuff, knee, tendon, or other injury that requires special attention? Whether your injury was a partial tear or you are post-operative and have completed physical therapy, let us help you safely regain strength and flexibility in the affected area. Can work in conjunction with or continue on from physical therapy treatments. Work with older adults to help them stay active.

Sport-specific Training

Do you have sport-specific goals? Let us help you devise an exercise regime that targets the specific movement patterns of your given sport, whether that be golf, tennis, basketball, or any other endeavor. A tailored strength training routine that focuses on the mechanics of your given sport can take you to the next level of performance.

Competition Preparation Coaching

How can you build a temple out of rubble? In order to lose fat, gain muscle mass, and achieve your fitness goals, you must fuel your body properly. Let us work with your lifestyle and time limitations to make better dietary choices and an eating schedule, without becoming obsessive or setting unrealistic restrictions.  As a Nutrition Therapist Can definetly help you to eat right based on your desired goal.

Nutritional Consulting